Privacy Policy

What You Should Know

Privacy-first policies ensure a trusted web experience and build confidence for a personalized Internet moving forward. Your privacy is important. Here's how we respect it.

We don't install any tracking software on your computer.

The only time Austin Heights School Image Bank has access to any browsing data is when you visit Austin Heights School Image Bank website. If you do not visit Austin Heights School Image Bank, we don't send your browsing activity to our servers.

We don't have access to personally identifiable information unless you explicitly provide it to us.

For example, if you ask us to send an email on your behalf, we will use the email addresses in order to deliver that message. We will not share this information, and it will be removed from our system automatically after a short period. We do not have access to other personal information.

We do have access to a certain amount of non-personally identifying information about you.

All web sites, including Austin Heights School Image Bank, receive information such as which web page you came from, which type of browser you are using, and your general geographic location. When you and others use our tools to share content, we aggregate data about what pages are shared, when, and how. We also assign your web browser a unique identifier. This ID doesn't, and can't, say anything about you, it's just a random series of numbers and letters we use to distinguish users from each other.

We do use aggregate data to offer reporting to websites

We utilize analytics to better understand our visitors. For example, we use a randomly generated ID assigned to each web browser to tell a website publisher how many people are sharing content or browsing content. We also use aggregate browsing data to tell a website publisher whether the people most likely to share their content with their friends, for example, are sports fans.